Freyr SUBMIT PRO, an  eCTD publishing and submission software, assists you in managing multiple parallel submissions. The  eCTD software enables you to create easy to review documentation for quick product approvals and on-time product launches.

In the eCTD submission process, meeting stringent deadlines while multiple users may have to work on the same document/module/application simultaneously can be challenging. In such scenarios, Freyr SUBMIT PRO offers an easy-to-manage environment for the users to share the work and complete the task within the required time for the eCTD submission process. Therefore, all the eCTD dossiers can be uploaded and reviewed concurrently to meet the Agency deadlines successfully. The eCTD publishing process supported by FREYR SUBMIT PRO eases the eCTD submission process through collaborative submissions.

Also, our eCTD publishing software – Freyr SUBMIT PRO has a great adaptability of compiling eCTD dossiers with various global Regulatory standards in distinct publishing formats like eCTD, NeeS, etc.