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Freyr PDF Toolbox.

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Freyr PDF Toolbox is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in application that offers a comprehensive set of tools (plug-ins) for various tasks related to PDF files. These tools range from creating bookmark hyperlinks to navigation and management features specifically tailored to meet the requirements of eCTD/NeeS submissions.

The primary objective of PDF ToolBox is to streamline and simplify the often time-consuming and repetitive tasks associated with working on PDF files for eCTD Submissions. By automating these tasks, the application helps save valuable time and effort.

When formatting PDF documents, Freyr PDF ToolBox adheres to the guidelines provided by ICH (International Council for Harmonisation) and regional Regulatory bodies. These guidelines are essential for constructing and formatting PDF documents correctly, ensuring compliance with Regulatory standards.


  • Bookmark: Bookmark Attributer, Swap Bookmark, Expand and Shrink
  • Hyperlink: Text quick linker, Link Attributer, Keyword Linker
  • Bookmark & Hyperlink Tools: TOC Bookmarks & Links, Export & Import, Bookmark & Link Auditor
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